Great Big World (2014)

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"Tony Trischka is one of the leading lights of contemporary banjo. His innovations have inspired players like Béla Fleck and myriad others, helping to define the dynamic banjo stylings of today. With a formidable range from traditional pieces through contemporary experimentation, Great Big World encompasses the generous world of Tony Trischka's music his sterling banjo, and his extraordinary original tunes. Here likeminded creative musicians (Steve Martin, Aoife O'Donovan, Noam Pikelny, Larry Campbell, Abigail Washburn, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, and many others) are brought together to receive Tony's clear mandate: inhabit a song and make it your own. Who else but Tony Trischka would dare to include a Single String Medley, just what it sounds like, and also have the imagination and verve to pull it off! Béla Fleck recalls, 'Tony used to say he played off his feelings, and I never knew exactly what he meant back then, but maybe I didn't have to. I could listen and feel things myself which is the goal of great music, come to think about it.'" (


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Of A Winter's Night (Self Release, 2014)

Great Big World (Rounder Records, 2014)

Territory (Smithsonian Folkways 2008)

Double Banjo Bluegrass Spectacular (Rounder Records, 2007)

Now Hear This - by Psychograss (Adventure Music, 2005)

Bend (Rounder Records, 1999)

Like Minds - by Psychograss (Sugar Hill Records, 1996)

Glory Shone Around: A Christmas Collection (Rounder Records, 1995)

Live at the Birchmere - by The Big Dogs (Strictly Country, 1995)

Psychograss - by Psychograss (Wyndham Hill Records, 1993)

World Turning (Rounder Records, 1993)

Solo Banjo Works, with Béla Fleck (Rounder Records, 1992)

Alone Together, with Beppe Gambetta (Brambus Records, 1991)

Fire of Grace - by Skyline (Flying Fish, 1990)

Skyline Drive - by Tony Trischka & Skyline (Flying Fish, 1986)

Hill Country (Rounder Records, 1985)

Stranded in the Moonlight - by Tony Trischka & Skyline (Flying Fish, 1984)

A Robot Plane Flies over Arkansas (Rounder Records, 1983)

Fiddle Tunes for Banjo, with Bill Keith and Béla Fleck (Rounder Records, 1981)

Late to Work - by Skyline (Flying Fish, 1981)

Banjoland (Rounder Records, 1977)

Heartlands (Rounder Records, 1975)

Bluegrass Light (Rounder Records, 1974)

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